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Monday, January 27, 2020

Audio/Video Intercom System

Our Comnet Video/Audio Intercom systems are very convenient for verification and  identification of persons requesting entry and can range from a single door audio unit to multiple doors video systems.


Indoor Monitor

  • Display screen:
  • F M188VC-6: color 4 inches TF T LC D
    FM188VC-0(3.5“): color3.5-inches TFT LCD
    F MI88V-I3; blad-Avhite4 inches C RT
  • Taking way: handset for indoor monitor
  • Power supply; AC/DC: adapter 15V/2000mA
  • Power consumption: Standby0.5W Operation 10.5W
  • Appearance size(H * W * D): 220 x210 70mm


Outdoor Camera

  • Resolution: C2D420 TV Line
  • CMOS 380 TV Line
  • View angle: CCD 92, CMOS 78
  • Lowest luminance: 0.02Lux
  • Power Source From Monitor
  • Power consumption: 2\N
  • 6)Appearance see(H x W x D;:
    TOP188DMV-1: I43x 120x30mm
    TOP188DMV-2: 200 x 130 x*K3mm
  • Mounting size( H x W x D):
  • TOP I88DMV-2 185 x 110 x35mm
  • Mounting way.
  • TOP 188DMV I: wall hanged
    TOP I88DMV-2: embedded





Abu Hail Area     
M1, Saif Sultan Building,     
P. O. Box 80579, Abu Hail,     
Deira - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: 00971-4-2659501, 00971-4-2696522     
Fax: 00971-4-2650951

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