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Monday, January 27, 2020

Public Address Systems

Empowered by ITC quality products, we design, supply and install integrated ITC Public Address Systems, multi-room audio / video control systems & digital signage.


IP network audio & intercom system is audio, paging and voice alarm over internet system based an TCP/IP network transmission technology. It can work with any non-dadicated LAN and WAN network system.

The complete system is composed by network server (PC with software), network audio adapter and network paging microphone, so it will be much easier for installer end contractor to install or integrate over the existing network end low voltage system.

IP/TCP Network Audio

System T-6700 Series 

IP/TCP Network Intercom

System T-6700(D) Series

we utilize the high quality ITC audio system to power our achievement in satisfying our customers.







Cd Player


Emergency Switch



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M1, Saif Sultan Building,     
P. O. Box 80579, Abu Hail,     
Deira - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: 00971-4-2659501, 00971-4-2696522     
Fax: 00971-4-2650951

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